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How much is a Koala worth?

Check out this post from ARC about the disturbing facts behind environmental offsets and construction…

ifaw wildlife rescue app

Save Wildlife from your phone!

ifaw appThe IFAW Wildlife Rescue App is joint initiative by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, (IFAW) and the NSW Wildlife Council (NWC). This helpful App identifies the closest licensed wildlife rescue group to where your phone is situated and, at the touch of a button, you will be connected to someone for assistance if you have found a sick, injured or orphaned animal.


The Cruelty of Trapping and Relocating Adult Wombats

A case study written by Tania Clancy

A summary of cases that demonstrate some of the life threatening territory wounds and illnesses we have overseen, with associated details and notes 

What’s it like to meet a wombat?

Animals in care

Have you ever wondered what it is like to meet a wombat in care? Here is school teacher Mary Kidner’s first impression and encounter with a wombat in care…

important iniative

Training “Boston” the Jack Russell for Nose Work

Members of WIRES are now interested in training their dog to help find injured sick and orphaned wombats.

how you can help

Helping Wildlife during Floods

Here is some useful information on how to help wildlife in distress during a flood disaster. 

Please do not put your own safety at risk. If you need assistance please call your local wildlife rescue or veterinary clinic.

helping wildlife during floods
perspectives from a vet

When to use anti-inflamatories

When wildlife is injured, we often have to deliberate whether to use anti-inflammatories or not.

Inflammation is the second stage of healing and begins right after the injury when the wounded blood vessels leak transudate (water, salt and protein) causing localised swelling.

Tania Clancy - Wildlife Specialist and Founder of Wombatised Inc.

A Hospital for Wombats

Roz and Kev Holme run Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc and Hospital to care for sick and injured wombats. Roz describes the specific issues that wombats face in the wild and how the hospital helps those most in need of care.


Ever seen a Wombat Gate?

This one was installed by Tas Wildlife to keep stock in and wallabies out, while letting wombats and echidnas come and go.

Check out just some of the creatures who used it over three weeks


Platypus Conservation

The platypus is one of the world’s most remarkable animals.

The Australian Platypus Conservancy is working hard to unlock some of the key scientific mysteries which still surround the species, and also conducts a wide range of conservation programs and environmental education initiatives.

australian platypus conservation

Dr Howard Ralph - Southern Cross Wildlife Care

Hands-on Assistance

Hands-on skills would be also greatly appreciated such as construction skills (e.g. building pens), technology (e.g. making cards, sharing information), the arts (e.g. photography, film making), tailoring (e.g. sewing animal bags, making burrow flaps, making items for sale), domestic duties (manning stalls), animal husbandry (cleaning enclosures), conservation work, marketing, as well as work on the field.

Because of licensing regulations and duty of care, we need interested persons to have working with children accreditation, character references and to demonstrate a willingness to acquire new skills.

helping save wombats

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