Thank you Highland Sinfonia

by | Apr 22, 2024

Beautiful music, gorgeous setting and a wonderful glimpse of the best of our culture.

It’s so invigorating to have such a talented and well-established orchestra who gives so much to our community, not only with beautiful entertainment but generosity to keep good deeds going.

Thank you as well Adrienne, who brings these wonderful events to the work of Wombatised.

Raising and releasing orphan wombats is quite a complex, arduous and drawn out process. Wombats in care can take up to 3 years before release.

Dealing with mange and other diseases is relentless.

Fodder, medication, compounds, labour and vet bills all add up to a challenging sum to keep our work going.

Please come and visit us any time. We would be more than happy for you to see the work we do.

My very best to you