The truth about Wombat Poo

by | May 29, 2024 | Informative

Poo to you and Poo to me too. No big mystery, the square wombat poo!

The act of defecation is much more for wombats than the call of nature to empty one’s bowels. It is an expression of personal imprimatur, of who I am, what I’m doing, where I’m staying, what I feel like and where I belong … with you or not. An expression of “my baby lives here, this is a nursery or that I might be courting a girlfriend or I’m sleeping here stay out!

This is one tiny part of Wombat expression they are not solitary creatures they share a distinct region, burrows and they know who’s part of their tribe which is called a wisdom. A collection of Wombats is called a wisdom. Wombats are intensely interested in each other they follow the same tracks day in day out. They share burrows and all the Burrows they share are a bit like rooms in a human house. Each room has a different function for example one might be for grazing another but might be for Boundry another borrow might be for Nursery another might be for a betting chambers. Wombats are as varied as people with their personality.

Wombats often poo on top of things and note their presence for example if a human brought new tools into a yard the Wombat might just leave a little nugget to say I’m investigating but it’s still my land.

Wombats also have toilet spots next to their sleeping quarters. They do not poo in their burrow (except for when they’re really little of course)

So wombats hold onto their poo quite effectively until it’s time for them to decide to leave a few scats.

If you have a close look at wombat scats they are cylindrical. ( see photos below) Scats are a mould of the colon wall but at the top the stools appear square because of the pressure of holding on. The stools become compact from hanging on and determining when to go. This makes the poo flat at the top.

Wombat Scats
Wombat poo is box shaped